Cooperating and co-creating are at the hart of the teachingprogram of the ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle.. On this site we present projects in this category.

Church of St Michael at the Grote Markt in Zwolle
Church of St Michael at the Grote Markt in Zwolle

First of all, to explain something of the organization of the co-creation and other projects of the ArtEZ Academy of Arts Zwolle, we have to say that there is in fact no such thing as an Academy of Arts in Zwolle.

There is of course the ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, which consists of several faculties of arts which are distributed over at least three cities in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

One of these cities is Zwolle, a provincial town along the river IJssel, head of the province of Overijssel. To say more about this lovely town, about its industry and schools, its parks and citizens, would require perhaps a 19th century Russian novelist, so we let this subject rest and point the curious visitor to the wikipedia website of Zwolle.

In Zwolle ArtEZ is represented by its four faculties:

  • Theatre & dance
  • Architecture & Interior-architecture
  • Music
  • Art & Design

In the Sophia building, Rhijnvis Feithlaan 50, the faculties of Architecture & Interior-architecture and Art & Design are working together in the so-called ‘ArtEZ Academy of Arts Zwolle’.

This organization consists of several educational departments, ranging from Illustration Comic, Animation and Graphic Design to Interior-architecture and the Art-teacher training department,  who share facilities and who regularly engage in projects of co-creation: the Summer-Lab and the Fall-excursion for the fresh year students and the Winter-Lab for all the students of the first, the second and the third years.

The Sophia building, home of, amongst others, Interiorarchitecture and several design departments of ArtEZ along the Rhijnvis Feithlaan in Zwolle
The Sophia building in the early morning, home of, amongst others, Interior-architecture and several design departments of ArtEZ along the Rhijnvis Feithlaan in Zwolle

Artists nowadays often have to work together with other artists to meet the complex standard of contemporary art and design-forms. In Zwolle we believe that students have to acquire cooperative skills for other reasons as well. Trough working thogether they grow more aware of their social and public role in society, and by doing so, they adhere to what we believe to be our essential mission as an art Academy, to further observant, sensual, storytelling, caring artists: human matters, as we would like to call it.