Runnin through the trenches

Mata Hari
Mata Hari, one of the “heroes” of the Great War

In the month of May the Smilingpoliticians (= students of the department of illustration), together with Tammo Schuringa, Trik, Stefan Kasper , Rosteck & Brinkmann and Studio Whoohoo, have worked together to produce the exhibition “Runnin’ through the trenches”. An exhibition about the Great War. This exhibition took place in gallery De Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem. It is about the imagery which was used during the Great War: propaganda, maps, information and disinformation, eulogies and newspaper articles. The students themselves called it an exhibition of cart(oon)ography, inspired by the political satire around the turn of the 20th century. In their work, the students draw also connections with the political situation in contemporary Europe, for example the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Runnin’ through the trenches
In the middle a vita of a fallen French soldier

Very impressive were the vitae, the summaries of the young lives of soldiers killed in the trenches.

The so-called gif-wall (a pun on the German word for poison, gif, and the contemporary word for a digital image) contained lots and lots of moving images of decaying flesh, ageing young soldiers, fields with crosses growing like weeds, etc.

In this youtube video you can see something about the production of parts of this silencing work.

Cart(oon)ography: The map of Europe during the Great War, with the countries as symbols (the Russian Bear, the fallen and about to explode Austrian heir to the throne, the German Kaiser on an Eagle, etc). Co-created by 1th year illustration students.