workshop Interior-architecture about light

Brilliance, enlightenment and illumination in ArtEZ Zwolle

Writing with light (or is it Licht?)

Lighting Guerrilla

The students of the light workshop
The Illuminati themselves: the students of the light workshop, hiding in the dark.

In the project-week after the Christmas Hollidays, the department of Interior-architecture of ArtEZ in Zwolle has had a workshop about light.


The pictures in this post have been made by Christiaan de Bruijne, from Studio Christiaan de Bruijne, Bureau voor architectuurfotografie. The students were from the 3th and 4th year. The workshop has been conducted by Beersnielsen lighting designers and this is how they described their workshop:

“The students worked on different scenario’s for the lighting of the inner court of the Academy building. After the students had presented there ideas, they where able to test the lighting with fixtures and different materials. The end result was a presentation of the ideas in the inner court and a lighting guerrilla.”

The results are illuminating and (forgive me the easy pun) enlightened:


The first two pictures are from the 19th century wing of the Academy building, the former Sophia hospital:



The next pictures are mainly from the intersection of the 20th century wing, the so-called Wiebenga-wing, named for the Zwolle city Architect Jan Gerko Wiebenga, on the left, and the Henket-wing, named for architect Hubert Jan Henket, the architect of the 21th century wing of the Academy building in Zwolle. The central staircase is again from Jan Gerko Wiebenga, a Dutch pioneer of Modern architecture or Het Nieuwe Bouwen: